You will earn continuous $3 payments from the first 2 sales that are passed to you from those acquiring their qualifiers so they will be able to earn. Basically what happens as it is described in the diagram above. You will pass up your first 2 to achieve "qualified" status. Then on your 3rd sale and all sales afterwards, you will receive their first 2 sales so they can also get qualified. A very simple, viral way to earn income. Your income potential is unlimited when taking this systematic format. See Below!


Sales Passed Commissions Amount Earned
You Earn 2 $3 $6
Those 2 pass 2 each $3 $12
Those 4 pass 2 each $3 $24
Those 8 pass 2 each $3 $48
Those 16 pass 2 each $3 $96
Those 32  pass 2 each $3 $192
Those 64  pass 2 each $3 $384


This is all recurring monthly income that will keep doubling and keep growing every single month you and your network remain members. This system - EZMoneyline - is designed to give you stable monthly income to help get you to that next financial living you are aiming for. Will this make you rich? No. You will earn money depending on your skill set in advertising and the ability to be coachable by your sponsor and admin. The amount of money is not limited especially with our secondary commission structure set up for you inside the members area.


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